varietal hemp curation & nursery

we're New england's Premier hemp nursery.


Superior Cultivars, Greater Harvest Predictability

Northwest Cultivation is the exclusive U.S. hemp nursery for Hendrx Farm genetics-approved seeds and seedlings.  Hendrx Farm, based in Humboldt County, California, is an internationally recognized leader in genetic research and cannabis breeding techniques. Visit them at


Nurtured Naturally

Our organic hemp nursery includes a sustainable greenhouse operation incorporating industry best practices as well as our own proprietary cultivation methodologies developed over twenty years of bi-coastal experience.


Curation Before Cultivation

We'll consult with you to develop genetic selection criteria appropriate for your harvest and business objectives. We work only with science-grounded labs and breeders and provide full regulatory documentation and COA's to verify your selections.

Members: CT Farm Bureau and CT Hemp Industry association


Nursery Services:

  • exclusive hybrids
  • heirloom cultivars
  • small batch cloning
  • genetic cataloging
  • specialized cloning
  • seedling-to-mature plants
  • small batch flower

Cultivation Expertise:

  • CBD genetics
  • organic production methods
  • bioregional/multi-climate production
  • sustainable regenerative farming
  • permaculture design
  • companion planting
  • bioremediation
  • organic IPM programs
  • end-use concepting