We don't look like this--yet.


Our completely organic, environmentally directed greenhouse operation is just taking shape but our twenty years of bi-coastal experience has already established us with the leading breeders of American feral hemp genetics. 

Select stock starts here.


Verifiable origins are just the beginning. Our nursery facilities support the curation and cultivation of elite American genetics for high-CBD content hemp, exclusive hybridization, and custom cloning.

Let's collaborate.


We work with select breeders and cultivation supply partners as well as both large and small farming operations. Let us put our symbiotic relationships on both the buy and sell sides to work for you.


Northwest Cultivation

We look forward to supplying growers and processors with our select stock and the expertise that comes with it.  Call Chris at 707-479-4938 today and secure your 2020 season with healthy, organically grown hemp starts.